Hospital Madness

Welcome to a game that you already made your investment on healthcare. Now you own a hospital and be ready for tough challenges and have fun on your IOS mobile.


-Start up with small clinic
-Build up more rooms and be ready for new crazy patients.
- Be ready for challenges and unexpected difficulties
- Cure patients , make them happy
- Make profit and upgrade your clinic to a medical center

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Office Madness 2: Corporation

You always dream to be the boss of your company. Now you have opportunity. Hard working days are over. You are the boss!

Built your departmants and rooms. Hire your employees and managers. Avoid attacks of union labor, virus attack on your accounts , fire and etc....

Keep your rooms clean and equipments are working properly.

Choose your decisions on employee's behaviour actions correctly and keep your employees happiness level high.

Join online events and challenge with other players. Be on the top prize list and get the event prizes daily.

Office Madness 2 is an office tycoon game that you will have fun while running your business...


Be Ready For Hospital Madness

Start Up your Hospital!

Build up your rooms.
Hire doctors and nurses
And you are ready for tough patients....

Hospital Madness
Hospital Madness
Hospital Madness Development Build ver1
Hospital Madness Development Build ver1

Upgrade Your Hospital

You can cure your patients or you fail them.
Even be ready for deaths.
Be careful if you see some ghosts.
Start to gain or loose money
Manage your hospital and prepare yourself on the route of a Medical Center...



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